Chattanooga Brew Choo Private Rental

When it comes to partying, we feel you should EXERCISE your right to DRINK!


$295 for 2 hours Sunday through Thursday

​$325 for 2 hours Friday and Saturday


The Brew Choo holds 15 people. 10 people are in pedaling positions and 5 are just seated.  


When renting the entire Brew Choo you can use our standard route which begins at The Backstage Bar (29 Station Street, Chattanooga, TN 37408) goes to Warehouse Row, then Southside Social and then Clyde's before finishing back at The Backstage Bar. Or, you can CREATE YOUR OWN ROUTE starting and ending where you want.  You can also choose WHATEVER TIME you want so long as its available.


You may only drink canned beer on the Brew Choo (no glass bottles) and it must be drank from a plastic or foam cup. We will provide cups and cooler with ice to store beer.  No wine or liquor.  Smirnoff and Ciders are OK.  The Brew Choo also has a tap with a C02 tank so you can also bring your own 1/6th or 1/4 keg! We will ice it down for you free of charge.  The keg, to us, is the way to go. Please note that kegs may only be used during private rentals when renting the ENTIRE Brew Choo!


We have a pretty good loudspeaker system and we have audio hookups for your phone so feel free to bring whatever music you want.

If interested please click "Book Now" button below and if you have any questions shoot me an email at or call/text me at 423-432-0116 and I will respond ASAP.  Please don't forget we also have the Chattanooga Double Decker bus that holds 14 people and several 15 passenger vans to provide transportation as well.